How To Effectively Market Your Business On Instagram

Story telling is one of the most efficient way to market your business. Instagram-the popular photo sharing app tell the story via the pictures. A single picture can describe 1000 beautiful words.

But how you can stand with the crowd by having those pictures? It is very easy to take and upload the photo on Instagram; but how it helps to grab the attention on you around the crowd? For that you should be creative and innovative.

To be unique from others you can use any third party editing tools or can simply apply the basic photography techniques. Here are the few effective ways which helps you to market your business effectively on Instagram.

1. Post the pictures of your business activities:


People love to see your businesses in action. So, take the pictures related to your business. Use the magical filters of the Instagram and give more life to your pictures.

  • You can post the pictures of your products or services
  • You can show any people who enjoys by using your product.
  • You can even share your employees action photos.
  • You can share the pictures of events conducted by your company.

2. Add Connection with the video:

instagram videos on Instagram

In the month of June 2013, the Instagram released an app update. In this update you can upload 15 seconds of video. So, you can add any fun or interesting things in that video related to your business. It makes your customers happy.

For example:

  • You can add the video of your product or services in action.
  • You can add the video clips of the customers who enjoyed by using your product.
  • You can provide the simple tips through that video.
  • You can even create a short commercial.

3. Engage with the followers:

engage with followers-Instagram

People who likes your pictures or videos you will get the notifications on your pictures. Don’t forget to thank them or respond to their comment back. Because they will be helpful to market your business.

4. Display your services and products:

Effectively market your business on Instagram

Obviously you have written all about your products and services on your website. But now it’s time to explain about them visually. So, utilize the Instagram to advertise your whole process of manufacturing and packaging of your products through photos. Detailed explanation of your pictures will surely help your customers to understand about you in a better way.

5. Tell the story with the collage apps:

Collage apps

While you are trying to convey a message through the pictures; sometimes just one picture is not enough. You are in the situation to upload multiple pictures to your Instagram app even pictures that were made with another app.

For uploading multiple photos the applications like Frametastic or Picframe are extremely helpful. It brings multiple photos together to tell the story, or show how your products or any other thing is made.

6. Use Hashtags:

Hashtags on Instagram

Like other social networking sites; Instagram too makes the extensive use of Hashtags. It is searchable and clickable and will give more global awareness about your brand. So, utilize this tool to get more exposure of your marketing messages and to tag your brand name. It is advisable to use the same tags in multiple posts. So, only you can create an overall theme for your marketing.

7. Geo-Tagging:


It is somewhat similar to the Hashtags. Usually, hashtags are helpful to build a theme for your brand. But Geo-tagging feature of Instagram are helpful to tie your marketing campaign to specific location.

With the recent update the Geo-tagging are more useful because, it helps to transfer the location information to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flick, Foursquare etc.

8. Show your Personality:

Don’t be business at all times. Instead showcase your business products with your pets, team funs, interesting things and places you find etc. Because it will get more attention to the people.

9. Track the ROI:

Track the ROI on instagram

It is always good to closely watch the returns and values of your promotional attempts on Instagram marketing. So, then you can change your marketing plans to achieve good results. In order to track your efforts; Instagram provides the analytical tools like Statigram. It will depict everything of your marketing. It will track your followers growth, learn the best time to post the pictures etc. Moreover, it helps to identify the issues you are lagging behind in your business and gives suggestions to improve yourself.

The analytical tools are especially helpful for B2B and B2C marketers since; the promotional process is very easy and fast. If you properly manage your marketing strategy on Instagram it not only helps to raise the value of your profile, but also helps to increase the engagement. The more visibility received by your brand will definitely attract the more audience as a result you can increase your business leads.

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