How To Attract And Engage The Followers On Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to promote your business. It is not a number game but most companies do not realize that. They just focus on the number of followers they never engage with existing followers.

For example just assume a company has 2,000 followers but with only very little engagement with their followers means; their is no use of having large number of followers. Because, some of those accounts may be either fake or owned by other companies so, they never add any value to your business in Twitter.

The another mistake they are committed is; they are following the others account which is nothing common to them or their business. As a result, their followers do not share the same interest as the company. So, instead of wasting your time to grow the number of followers just spend your energy to engage with your existing followers.


Here are few tips to engage with them. Hope this will help you a lot. Let’s begin:

1. Complete your profile first:

Your profile is the first thing that speaks to the people who want to follow you. So, give the full bio of yourself. Ensure that it must be interesting and informative because based on that only people will decide whether can follow you or neglect you.

Along with bio, you need to update your original photo and your original location. This shows that you are not a fake person. Then people start to trust you and then follow you. In the bio section, you can add your website URL (You can add more than one link). So, that it will be easy for your new followers to find more about your brand or product. You can even add other social media accounts in the bio section. So, utilize this section well. It helps you to engage with your followers indirectly.

2. Be the first to break any news:

First choose any topic that you like most. Then start to provide news consistently related to that. It shows that you are expert in that topic. As a result your followers oftenly visit your page for your valuable information. In case if you stay on the top of the latest news, then try to break the news to your followers once you get it. If you do so, it will increase the number of retweets.

3. Tweet frequently with regular intervals:

If you want to share more news and interesting facts to your followers don’t do that continuously. Give some time for every tweets give atleast 15-30 minutes time for every tweets. Because if you tweet regularly it may annoy your followers. So, put a proper schedule with appropriate time intervals then do according to that. Make sure your tweets are valuable and related to your business or blog.

4. Follow the Correct users:

Instead of following more number of peoples follow the right person that related to your business. So, that they will follow you back. As a result, the number of persons who follows you in Twitter will increase. Since the business between both of you are common you both can help each other in many ways.

5. Build Relationship with other followers:

In Twitter before asking help to others, first you do for them. Share their content, Retweet their posts as much as you can. Surprisingly, they too will do a favor for you. In case, if you want to build a content sharing relationship with your followers, then ask them how you can help them for that. Before ask for help keep these points in your mind:

  • ¬†First create a list of top 20-25 users who are following you or whom you are following. You can find out them by using Klout scores or Hootsuite tools.
  • ¬†Then look out every persons profile, blog or website and find a tip that you can give for them. For example: If you find any message such as “I like that picture very much on your blog” Have you tried (give your advice here).
  • If you can’t find anything then you can send the direct message to those profiles and ask them to contact you if they need any help.

6. Ask questions:

Just tweet any questions that people want to answer. Or else if anyone already ask the questions then try to give answer for that. You can even share your knowledge and experience with them via chat.

7. Respond to Retweets and @Mentions:

Twitter is especially to make connections and conversations with others. So, it is important to regularly check any mentions or retweets about you or your business. And also spend some time to reply and give complement for any of your tweets. And also engage in a conversation if you are mentioned in a Tweet. If possible add the username or first name of the person in the tweet. It shows that you are not automating your tweet and want to engage with your followers.

8. Be Real to post your tweets:

Many tools are available to automate your post on Twitter. But don’t always do that. Try to post in the real time. So, that you can engage with the conversation with others. If you can’t post regularly and you are in the situation to use the tools then schedule your posts at different times. Then send the “Thank You” tweets to some of the people who follow you. Use their first name in the Tweet. But don’t send the direct message it will irritate new followers.

9. Create the Twitter lists:

It is a great way to engage with the followers. You can use this list to categorize your followers based on specific streams of information. But most of the people do not use this and they never know it is existing.

  • Twitter lists allows you to find tweets from the important people or companies.
  • Without the use of Twitter feed you can check the information directly from the lists.
  • It allows you to search for specific people or company that helps you to save time.

10. Offer some fun tweets:

It is always not possible to post valuable information daily. At that time, you can add any fun tweets. It is the great way to engage more people. You can even add any interesting pictures or videos.

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