How To Increase Your Visibility On Twitter

Hey guys, are you looking for a good ways to increase your visibility on Twitter? You are at a right place. At below I have mentioned the easy and interesting tips to increase your visibility on the popular networking site Twitter.

Twitter is a perfect tool to promote the product or a website, to become popular, to sell yourself as a potential employer. It makes to know about your product/services to the whole world with in a matter of minutes or days. But it is possible only if you do that in a right way at right time.

To be a successful business man on the Twitter you must be strategic and must build a large following. It is a kind of a number game, so try to grab more attention as much as you can. Be patient at the beginning. First follow your family, friends and friends of friends etc. After that slowly start to follow other people. Make sure people who follows you are follow you back.

Increase Visibility on Twitter

To make the people follow you back, you need to find out the people who have similar interests.

Must follow this strategy on Twitter:

  • If anyone follows you follow them back.
  • Next block the people who never follows you. Try to join in many communities on Twitter and serve others.
  • Always provide valuable, informative and inspirational things in your tweets.You can even add the fun things to your followers. If you follow no one they may unfollow you. So,be aware on that.
  • If you have a own blog or website then add your Twitter account to that.
  • Avoid the useless words and tweet shortly.
  • Twitter has it’s own language similar to SMS. So, use that for long words or sentences.
  • Put yourself as an expert in conversation. So, that more people will start to engage you.
  • Make sure you are engaged in the relevant conversation.

What should not do on Twitter?

  • Don’t post the boring or negative tweets.
  • Don’t share your personal information.
  • Don’t tweet continuously or else people who follows you may get annoyed. They may unfollow you due to that. So, tweet after some interval.
  • Don’t tweet the things that is not related to you.

4 ways to increase the visibility on Twitter:

1. Take the advantages of dashboard:

You are advisable to use the dashboard because, it allows you to set up the new Twitter experience. By using the dashboard you can make your twitter profile the way you want. I personally recommend the TweetDeck, Seesmic and HootSuite dashboard. These three are the most powerful twitter tools which extend the capabilities.

By using the dashboard you can set your Twitter experience as your wish. You can set a separate stream which shows only the @mentions of your Twitter username or go advanced and make a separate column to display all the mentions of your products, brand name, CEO’s name etc.

2. Understand the Twitter Search:

So, once you set up your dashboard, bookmark this link immediately. There, you will find the Twitter’s own advanced search tool. It will be very useful when you want to know about the conversation happening in the Twitter world at that moment.

Since it is a social networking site, it’s search includes the social queries too. By using this, you can search the tweets to and from, or tweets from a specific location, referencing a particular person, or tweets with only a negative statement.

3. Use the Twitter lists:

Lists are the great way to organize the conversations into the groups. It act as a best noise reducer tools. It will be great for the people who wants to stay top on the conversation happening in their niche.

4. Use Tools to find the right followers:

If you want to become popular in particular niche, then you must follow the right people. If you follow the right person and they all are a influential persons within your niche, you can hear more from them and may easily join in their conversation.

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