How To Schedule Your Pins On Pinterest

For all the people’s especially businessman time is very important. Although the famous social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest provides lots of facilities for us to get more exposure, traffic and brand awareness, it requires a large time to maintain.

So, if you schedule the pins you can easily manage your pins and will get more exposure during the popular times. At the same time, scheduling allows you to avoid posting too much content at the same time and overwhelming your followers.

In terms of Pinterest mainly two tools are available to schedule your pins which is Curalate and Pingraphy.

How to Schedule Your Pins on Pinterest

1. Pingraphy:

It is a basic tool which is absolutely available at no cost. By using this tool you cannot upload original pins to schedule and also cannot schedule the repins but you can pin and schedule the images you find in online. It is possible to upload nearly 20 pins at once by using Pingraphy.

How to get start with Pingraphy?

Creating an account in Pingraphy is very easy. If you already have a Pinterest account then it will be quite easy for you. Because it allows you to use the same username and password you are using on Pinterest to access the Pingraphy account.


So, once you accessed the Pingraphy account, it request you to drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar. This bookmarklet allows you to pin from any website, even from your personal website. Once, you added this toolbar it act as a substitute for your “Pin it” button.

Now, you are ready to scheduling your pins. You can either start to schedule from your recent uploads or from the computer. Once you selected the picture, schedule the time. Eventhough the optimal time is vary from business to business, research reveals that the correct time to pin your posts on Pinterest is late night, early morning and Saturday mornings.


Once you schedule the time; add the apt description with keywords so that other pinners can find your pin. Next add the URL which links the image to your blog or website. Incase, if your images sell the products of your company then add the URL to the website so that the customer can make their purchase from there. Don’t forget to mention the price along with the URL.

2. Curalate:


The next tool is Curalate you need to pay some amount for this tool to schedule your post. It is perfect for heavy pinners. Because they offer more advanced analytics to schedule your posts.

Instead of just choosing the board, date and time just edit the URL and other details in the dashboard to post your pins. One awesome thing of this tool is you can find the pins from Facebook and Twitter originating from Pinterest.

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