How To Upload Multiple Photos On Instagram Using InstaPicFrame

In this technology world, everything seems to revolve around social networking sites, in that Instagram acquires a peculiar place to share the photos. Even the popular companies use this application for advertising and marketing to promote their business.

Everytime, uploading a single photo makes you little bit annoyed. If you upload a group photo it will looks cool and even better. This article guides you how to upload multiple photos by creating a framework.



1. First download the application (InstaPicFrame) from here.

2. Next open the same in your mobile. Choose the “pro mode” from the menu.

3. After that select the best frame from the templates based on the number of images or photos you want to upload in your profile. Make a note that you can upload maximum of only 5 photos.

4. Then select the frame by clicking onto it.

5. Next tap the empty space in the frame to upload a image into that particular space.

6. Then upload the new images from your phone by clicking the camera. Instead of taking a new photos, you can upload the already existing photos from the device by opening the gallery.

7. Once you opened the gallery choose the folder in which you saves your images or photos.

8. Click the selected photo and upload it to the empty space in the frame.

9. If you want to adjust your photo then click the blue button available in that frame.

10. By following the same method, fill out the remaining four photos. If you want to adjust the width of your photos click the size button which is available in the bottom toolbar.

11. For adjusting the boundaries and edges you can use the border button which too is available on the bottom toolbar.

12. So, once you finish the editing just tap the save button. It will takes you to share the menu, by using that you can share your photos with others.

13. On clicking you will directly take to the Instagram where you want to crop the images. Once, you finished the cropping click the accept button.

14. Next if you want you can even add the effects to your photos. After that, just tap the next button to upload it to Instagram.

15. After that make a note of the photo where you took that photo, you are standing with whom in the photo. Then click “Done” to upload the photo.

That’s it. Now, you successfully uploaded the multiple photos to your account. Share and enjoy with your friends.

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