How To Use Tumblr To Promote Your Business

Already hundreds of social media websites are there to promote your business. Here is another famous social networking site to promote your business called Tumblr. When compare to the traditional sites like WordPress, Blogger and Typepad it has few advantages.

Yes, the other sites are useful to create and publish the specific content on a site for particular audience. After they read that content they will respond to that site. Obviously, Tumblr also doing the same job, but here you can share the content to other people if you like the content or you think it will useful for other peoples and want to let them know.


In the dashboard of Tumblr you will see the seven options which include text, quote, link, photo, video and audio. Let me discuss some great uses of each and every options.

1. Text:

It is one of the basic form of content. Opposite to its name, it contains pictures and video. If you have the knowledge of HTML then you can add the formatting too. One great thing of this website is you don’t have any limitation to add the text. So, you can explain about your services, products or anything in a detailed manner.

2. Photo:

Here, you can add your product image or a picture of your employees, or picture of any famous celebrity that use your brand etc. Further, you can add an album which is great for an event recap or product shots etc.

3. Quote:

You can use this option to highlight any particular product. But keep in mind that, the quote should impress the users and also related to your product. You have to create the quote in such a way.

4. Link:

This post is somewhat similar to quote post but you highlight this as a link. You can use the link post to bring the clients back to any particular landing page.

5. Chat:

You can use this chat option for a conversation to your customers. You can even chat with 2 or more persons in a same time. You can utilize this option to inform your customers about your any new product or for promotion of your old product. Moreover you can build a good relationship with your customers by using this option.

6. Audio:

If your business is related to music then you can use this option to promote your business. You can either upload them directly from your computer or can give any link from an external source.

7. Video:

You can add even video in the Tumblr to promote your website. If you create any video that related to your product or business; then you can upload them in the Tumblr and by using that you can promote your business.

To post the audio or video just click the media type and select the suitable one. And also fill out the appropriate tags that related to your business or product since it is most important to find your content. You can publish the post either immediately or later depends on your convenient.

Comment, Like and Share others post:

So, once you post your content by using anyone of the aforementioned options next thing you have to do is ‘like’ and ‘comment’ others post. Follow other people and share others post. It will sounds a lot.

Install the Tumblr tools:

We advise you to install the Tumblr “bookmarklet” tool in your web browser so that in-case you want to post about any web page you view or want to share you can do that directly from there. You no need to log into your Tumblr account everytime.

And also install the Tumblr app into your mobile and tablet. If you do so, it will show automatically as an option whenever you are trying to share any thing via social networking sites.

You can even configure other photo sharing websites like Flickr or Instagram with Tumblr so you can easily cross post your photos.

If you want to promote your business by using other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Google Plus and Instagram then visit the Mediamister website. They really offer an excellent services which helps to promote the business.

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