How To Utilize The Twitter To Improve Google Rankings

If you are a SEO Marketer and want to utilize Twitter for better Google rankings then obviously these tips will help you.

1. Brand Name:

Keep in mind that your username or brandname should reflect your website name or the services you are providing. Because, this will be displayed or mentioned in your network or retweets of your posts. If you get more Twitter retweets then you will get the higher significance.

2. Bio or Profile:

This section is the information part on Twitter. So, give the info related to your website, product or services. You can even add the website link on your profile page.

Twitter - Google Rankings

3. Links:

Adding your links on your posts will help your link building activities and giving a wider web presence. You can even add the effective keywords on the link and can post many times with correct interval. It will maximize the contents, keywords and exposure.

4. Hash Tags:

The Hashtag symbol present before the word or the phrase helps to organize the tweets and helps to determine the trending information in Twitter. So, try to add the hashtag symbol before the keyword or the topic.

5. Write the Quality content:

It is one of the simplest rule of SEO strategies. If you want people to retweet your content and increase your importance in Google eyes, then write the quality articles and tools. It will make the people to link to it and they will share your content with their followers.

So, once create such kind of quality content then create the attention-grabbing tweet to click through. Keep in mind that your tweet should contain only 140 characters.

6. Mentions:

If you want to mention about anyone in twitter then use the “@” symbol before their username. It is similar to retweet effect and voting. So, whenever you tweet or retweet other users are ensure to use the @symbol before their username.

7. Run the Twitter competitions:

One of the best way is to run the retweet competitions. It will increase the number of links and followers. Don’t forget to add @username for the retweet so that you will notify when someone retweet on your message.

8. Your Tweets should not be private:

If you use your twitter account for your business then you should set your account to be accessed by public; so then you can acquire the benefit from the public tweets.

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