How Instagram Help Businesses To Increase Brand Exposure

Most of the business fall somewhere in social media. It is an effective way of marketing. Exposure of their products and services has always been the first source of sales for businesses who offer something good.

Since more and more businesses are become social on these days, only the businesses getting more exposure on social media will stand out. At below are few tips which helps you to increase brand exposure.

Why should use Instagram for Businesses?

Since it is a photo sharing as well as video sharing app, everyday thousands of new users are joined in this network all over the world. Currently it has nearly 1.5 billion users. This alone will be the enough reason to get good exposure for your business on this network.

Most of the people now carry a camera in their pocket everywhere they go and share their photos (not only personal photos) in the Instagram. Due to that everyday the number of active users is increased gradually.

Before setting up the Instagram account for your business, first determine what kind of image and impression you want to build on behalf of your company and what kind of pictures you can use to convey it.

1. Use effective Hashtags on Instagram:


Using Hashtags help you to expose your content to a large number of audiences than those who previously following you. The guideline for using Hashtag on Instagram network is simply same of Twitter guidelines.

You can use the hashtag for every post you are created. Here are few ways to use hashtags to increase the exposure of your brand.

a) Include the hashtags in your username:

Including a hashtag in the username or in the profile description is a best way, because everytime you are adding a photo it will automatically include that hashtag. This helps the users who are interested to find your picture easily. Further, it eliminates the necessity of scrolling all your photos and pictures.

b) Include hashtags to your photo description:

Give a name or a description to all the pictures you are adding. After that add the relevant hashtags to your picture. Don’t tag every word, but give most important as well as relevant to the picture.

For example you can think like where you click the snap and where you release the product etc. Just make sure the hashtag you are giving is relevant to the picture. That’s it.

c) Give comments to other photos by using hashtags:

It is really a great idea; try to spend some of your time to comment others photos using same hashtag. Give the relevant, non-spammy and interesting comments for others photos. But don’t forget to include the appropriate hashtags.

d) Create a hashtag for an event:

If you get a chance to hosting an event or attending the conference, create a related hashtag for that. This helps you to get more exposure for your pictures as well as an Instagram account. You can even use the existing hashtag or create a new one for this purpose.

e) Include hashtags to elevate the contest and campaigns:


Include the hashtags to promote the contest and campaigns. This helps to get more exposure of your brand to the wider audience and also helps to drive the user generated content.

It further helps the promoters to detect all the users who have participated in the contest and  select the winner.

2. Promote your Instagram presence:

This is again a great way to increase the exposure of your brand. Promoting your presence on the Instagram and what you handle etc will be helpful for the people to find you.

You can promote your presence by writing the blog posts, tweeting the news, posting the status on Facebook and create a pin on Pinterest etc to get out the news that your business is now Instagramming away.

3. Engage with the community:


Engage with the niche oriented community helps you to increase the brand exposure, get more followers and accumulate vital marketing insights.

Spend few hours to know what people in your niche are posting, what your competitors and customers are posting. After that just analyze who are following them, at what type of photos they get more responses etc.

4. Display Instagram Photos at live events:


If your company is hosting an upcoming event, then display live photos of that event. It really gives more exposure for your business.

5. Post the photos in your account at correct interval:

Studies shows that posting the photos and pictures in the social media platforms are a great way to engage with your audience. Sharing them on the Instagram is not only a best way to expose your brand but also you have a separate account for people to follow you, increase the engagement with your fans as well as followers you already have on other platforms.

Having more followers in your website helps you to get more exposure. Without the good amount of followers you cannot achieve any thing on Instagram. So, I strongly recommend you to buy a Instagram followers and likes from the trusted services like Getafollower and Mediamister.

They help you to get real likes and followers for your account. With the help of that your brand will get more exposure.


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