Instagram Video Vs Vine : What’s The Difference?

Instagram is a great photo app for Tablet and Smartphone devices which allows the people to take photos and share them on their social networks.

A few months ago, it recently added the video function in its app. Like images, you can now share your videos on the 6 social networks. This feature is especially the great selling point of another app called Vine (designed by Twitter).

Due to the Instagram upgrade, the number of people using the Vine app was decreased gradually. Before the update of Instagram, people had both the Vine app and Twitter app on their devices (Instagram for sharing pictures and Vine for sharing videos).


Now Instagram has come up with both the features (image and video) people usually would like to have only Instagram app on their devices. When compare to Instagram Vine has only less features.

Here are the few key differences between Instagram and Vine app:

difference between instagram and vine

1. Length:

The Vine app allows the users to upload only 6 second video clips. The Twitter and Vine app put a lot of science and research into this length and determining that it is the ideal length for video consumption. The small length forces the user to think outside of the box in order to tell a story shortly.

In terms of Instagram video, it allows the user to shoot and upload upto 15 seconds. It is quite large and convenient for the creator than the Vine app.

2. Uploading Capability:

The second difference between those apps is its uploading capability. The Instagram app allows you to upload existing videos from your phone’s media library. You can trim the existing clips to fit within the 15 second timeframe. Apart from this you can crop your widescreen videos to fit Instagram’s square aspect ratio. Even users can select thumbnail image on Instagram.

But Vine doesn’t have any of this features, so this is the big advantage of Instagram.

3. Filters:


Instagram videos offer the same types of photo filters that you get when shooting the pictures with the app. This can inspire some visual creativity.

Yes, by using the Instagram filters now you can even change a shaky handheld home video from amateur to artist. Nearly 13 filters are available on Instagram app which gives extraordinary look to your photos as well as videos.

Again this awesome feature is not available on the Vine app.

4. Looping feature:


The looping is a nice feature in Vine but it is not available on Instagram app. Due to this feature; the video clips on Vine constantly repeat or “Loop” themselves, making this as a great network for animations.

In Instagram due to longer shoot time, they don’t automatically loop the videos, if users want to see your video again then they must hit the play button again.

5. Editing:

In terms of Editing, the Instagram app definitely has more flexibility than the Vine app. The Instagram app allows the user to delete the video footage while editing. It is a most needed feature; unfortunately it is not available on Vine app.

6. Interface:

The Instagram’s interface is more visceral for the first time user. It clearly gives how the app works. But in the Vine app it is more confusing when you first fire it up.

7. Playable Media:

The Vine’s video is better shared over Twitter. It make use of the new(ish) Twitter cards. They show as playable media from within a user’s tweet stream. Basing it on Instagram’s current image integration, their video will probably (for the time being atleast) only appears as links. But the Instagram has far better integration with Facebook, since it is owned by them.

8. How to Shoot:

Instagram Videos

The way you shoot videos on both these apps are same. On Vine app you can hold your finger on any section of the screen to record, while on Instagram it has a specific big red button to press.

Obviously both the features are quite easy to use, though the Vine is more convenient and user friendly especially for beginners.

9. Convenience:

Video on Instagram is a winning combination. When it was launched on June 20, 2013, it is immediately available to all of its existing users. For example: If you already have an account in Instagram, all you have to do is simply update your existing app to the latest video feature.

But if you want Vine app, you have to go to app store and download the particular app. Of course, downloading the app from app store is not a tough job, the Vine users are people who are specifically looking for a Video app, whereas Instagram video users are already existing users who now have the ability to shoot a video if they want. If not, they can simply upload the pictures into their account.

Adding video ability feature into the preexisting platform which has nearly 130 million users is really a very smart and convenient move for the Instagram followers.

10. Consumption:

The Instagram stream remains much unchanged. Videos in the Instagram have a perfect square just like photos, but with a little camcorder icon on the top right corner.

Both the apps will autoplay the videos, Instagram offer a little two second buffer waiting for you to pause there in your stream before it plays. But Vine is just opposite.

Consumption-Instagram Vs Vine

Again both the apps has options for silencing the video within the mobile apps, unless you turn sound off on your entire phone.

On desktop, Vine videos can be muted. But you cannot do the same on Instagram. Apart from this, Vine has also offered the users the ability to embed Vines via desktop, which is a feature Instagram did not include for on

11. Sharing in Social network:

social networks-Instagram and vine

There is a no doubt that the social media helps anyone to reach more people, which can lead to more awareness, sales and online presence. Instagram gives you the option to share your content on Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr, Twitter and E.mail.

But the Vine app allows you to share your video only on Twitter and Facebook, which means Instagram has four more options to share than Vine.

12. Operating System:

The Instagram video has launched for both iOS and android operating system at a same time. But the Vine app originally entered only to the iOS market and then adopted to Android.

13. Pornography Problem:

Both the Instagram app and Vine app has Pornography problem. The Instagram cleared theirs up pretty well. Vine blocked a few hashtags and suggested some content might be inappropriate.

Note : The Vine app has come up with some new features. They try to improve their video sharing function. The developers of the Vine, now added a new feature called “private video channels and re-vinning”, it is analogous to re-tweeting and re-pinning.

Final Words:

Both the apps will “get the job done” in helping you to create an interesting video for your company and also for your personal use. If you already have an account on Instagram then I recommend you to develop your videos on that platform itself, instead of creating a new one on Vine app. If you newly created you need to put more effort to grow.

But if you try the same on already existing platform, you can easily get what you want to achieve through video. Please remember that Instagram has more users than Vine, if you want to reach more users then choose Instagram.

In case, if you do not belong to both the networks then download both the apps and give them a try and then finalize your decision according to your convenience.

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