How To Make Money On Instagram

We all know Instagram is a popular social network next to Facebook and Twitter. Now, it is possible to earn money on Instagram. Yes, Instagram is planning to include the advertisements in your photo stream in the next few months. The company said that; it will start by focus on delivering the small number of beautiful as well as high quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already a great members of the Instagram community.

It further said that, these advertisements will initially be seen only by the United States people and slowly establish them to other people across the world.

So by utilizing that, now it is possible to make money by filtering your iPhone snaps. The given below applications will help you.


Through the Instacanvas now you can get more exposure for your photography. After signing up for an account and granting access to your Instagram profile, you can add any of your existing shots to a gallery that will act as a portfolio.


People who likes your photos will buy them in the form of greeting cards, phone cases, canvas art or framed prints. After printing and shipping, the Instacanvas will pay you 20% of the sale. You will get the amount via PayPal.


If you are a ‘artist slash photographer’ then you can earn money on the Instaprints website. All you need to do is; import the photos from your Instagram stream into an Instaprints account and through the site collectors it can browse through your work and have them buzzed on the museum quality prints, canvas prints, framed prints, and greeting prints.


In the Instaprints you need to decide how much you want to earn for every single photo in your portfolio. You will be paid monthly via Paypal. The customer pays for your asking price plus whatever base price Instaprint sets on its products.


The SnapmyAd is a free iOS application which works in the same way of Snapfluence. Many promotions are offered by the several brands and you need to participate into that and should submit your own Instagram shots based on the requirements set by the company.


The participants are encouraged to like or vote for the submissions through the SnapMyAd application and the winners are selected by the number of likes or votes given by their peers. As a winner, you will receive the rewards or prize they already announced.

Popular Pays:

By using the Popular Pays you cannot exactly sell your photos like Instaprints or Instacanvas, but it convert your Instagram influence into your social currency. But to use this app for earning money you need to have a minimum of 500 Instagram users but it is not high when compared to the Snapfluence’s app as it requires the 1000 Instagram users to utilize that for earning money.

Popular Pays

Once you entered into this app, you can browse via a variety of deals offered by the types of freebies and local business owners. Depend on your Instagram popularity you will receive a response.

For example the 500 followers may buy a cup coffee while the 50,000 followers affords you a complimentary skydiving experience. Contests:


The prizes are not always in the budgetary form, but joining the online competitions assembled by this Instagram viewer is a good way to train your brain for the big time. You can sort the contest listing just by showing the most recently added first or prioritizing the contests whose deadlines are fast approaching.

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