Why Social Media Users Share Content?

1. To Be perceived as an Expert

Content sharing with the help of the social media now become more popular now a day. Many people make there own content and they uploaded to the social media, so see the response of the people in the market. Many people think that my content should be seen by all the people and become most popular. Therefore it’s become the trends to upload a content on social marketing.

Social Media Expert

How do we make our customers’ experts?
First decide what your content topic should be, before decide make sure whether the topic focused on the solution of the customer problem they are facing in their life or job. Your content should be free of cost, if you try to sell that then no one will buy it and you may discouraged due to that.

2. To “Break” a story and be in the know

Break any story on the social media is becoming more popular. Because every person wanted to increase her status on the social media. Therefore all are trying to break a story of any brand or anything come in the market to increase her status.

If you choose your constant topic older brand, politics and any other topic. No one will get to read your content because everyone knows that thing. Which becomes a flop story in the social media.

How do you leverage the need to know?
How to choose the topic? The writer always chooses the topic which is new in the market and want the people know that story. Some like new events coming into the city or any new product released in the market. Write about that product advantage and disadvantage of that product. If you are not interested in that topic then find out some sensitive topic and write what you think about that topic. And you tell the customer to write her comment on the last page of the content.

Another way to make your topic most attractive, put out the picture in the content and make it unique from others. Takes a good topic and write in good style which people get attracted to reading your content and give your good comment on your topic. This makes you to increase your status in the social media. Your content should be updated daily or weekly on the social media.

3. It’s just good old fun!

In the social media the entertainment news is still large to the consumer. The consumer always wants to read some intermittent story which is currently coming on the market. If you are spending some time into that then definitely someone will be waiting to read your content every time. This will gives you credibility and encourage you to write more content.

How to leverage this?

As a writer you should be creative to present your content. Apart from that you should be unique in your writing and also you should tell something interesting. If you are trying to write a content for any serious story then you should become serious or if you are going to narrate a funny story then you should be funny. Don’t just give a plain content in social media because, no body will spend time to read that so, try to narrate your content along with related pictures and videos. Definitely the consumer or viewer will spend more time to read your content. Moreover it helps to understand the concept or solutions you are trying to say in the content.

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