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Buy Android App Installs

Launching a new app in the Google play store can be a frustrating process. You've worked hard to build a high-quality app that will appeal to your target market, but you aren't gaining any organic traffic. One solution is to buy Android app installs. While there are many ways to market Android applications, buying an app download from GetaFollower is the most cost-effective and fastest way to market an app in the Google Play store.

Your app's ranking is the most crucial aspect that determines if it will be successful and generate revenue. There are many ways to market applications but buying app downloads is the most cost-effective and least time-consuming option. Purchasing Android installs also allows you to target specific keywords that your ideal user will likely search for. Climb the Google Play search results and optimize your Android app when you buy guaranteed keyword ranking from GetaFollower!

buy real android app installs

Why App Installs are a Big Deal?

App installs are the number one determining factor Google uses to rank apps. When users browse the Google Play store, they rarely scroll past the first options. That is why it is imperative that your app has a sufficient number of installs.

When you buy app downloads, you guarantee that your app will perform better in the Google Play store. Increasing your number of installs tells Google that your app is being downloaded and enjoyed by its users.Apps that receive a sufficient number of installs climb the search results while apps with a low download count get lost at the bottom of the rankings.

Buying app installs from GetaFollower adds instant credibility to your project, increasing the likelihood that it will be downloaded. Apps with a sufficient number of installs not only appear higher in search results, but users are also more likely to trust the developer and download the project.

Does Buying Android App Installs Really Work?

Buying app installs has worked for countless developers to help them launch apps and generate revenue. We use real Google Play users on real devices to download your app. You won't be penalized because we never use bots, and you will generate real organic traffic. When you buy app downloads you are validating your project and improving your app store optimization.

Your app ranking depends on the number of installs. In addition, users are more likely to download your app if you have a significant number of genuine installs. Once you provide real installs to your project, you will start seeing more impressions, reviews, and your app will appear in the top position. Buying app downloads from GetaFollower has worked for many developers to gain the recognition they deserve by bringing attention to their projects.

How Buying Android Downloads Helps Google Play Store Rankings?

The number of app downloads is a major factor Google uses to rank applications. Buying installs is the fastest way to change your ranking in Google Play. Increasing search ranking on Google Play is difficult but can be overcome by purchasing app installs. Below are the 4 determining factors Google uses to rank apps and how buying app installs can help you improve your position.

Search Engine Optimization

When you buy app installs from GetAFollower, you can choose to target a specific keyword phrase. This way, you will show up at the top of the results page when a user types in your chosen words.

App Reviews

Once you buy app installs from GetaFollower, you will see an increase in keyword installs leading to more reviews.

Organic Traffic

Impressions, click, and CTR also affect app store rankings. The best way to earn organic traffic is by buying Android installs. You will increase your ranking and gain more traffic, leading to clicks and more installs. Instead of investing in social media marketing or generating traffic from word-of-mouth, app installs instantly give your project the metrics needed to climb the search results.

App Downloads

The total number of downloads is the number one factor Google uses to rank apps. Without a significant number of installs, your application has zero chance of being seen by Android users. Increasing the number of android installs will immediately increase your search rankings, impressions, and CTR.

How Buying App Downloads Helps Generate Revenue?

Improving your position in the Google Play Store by purchasing app downloads will generate more traffic to your app, increase reviews, and help users find it easier.

App Reviews and App Installs

App reviews and installs are the most significant determining factors for what app reaches above the fold in the app store. While installs are the primary factor that the Google algorithm uses to rank apps, the rating is also a significant part of the process.

Increase Organic Installs

Generating thousands of organic installs takes a tremendous amount of time and advertising dollars. Most developers don't have the patience or budget to market their apps and create organic installs. Thankfully, there is another option. You can buy app installs to boost organic traffic without waiting months, if not years, to reach the top search results.

buy keyword installs for android

Why Should You Buy App Downloads?

When you buy Android installs, you are investing in your application. The only way to generate income is by appealing to Google's algorithm and reaching the highest number of users possible. Even if you have the best app in your niche, it won't reach the market if app installs are far below your competitors.

Guarantee Keyword Ranking

When you buy Android app installs, the keywords in your app description will become incredibly valuable. If you've optimized your app's meta information to accommodate your target audience, you will see dramatic increases in traffic once you buy app downloads.

Higher Ranking in Search Results

The higher your app ranks, the more impressions and clicks it will generate. A higher ranking is the most critical factor in launching an Android app, and the amount of installs you have is the most significant factor in ranking.

Generate Traffic

Traffic is the key to a successful Google Play campaign. While your app's value and reviews are also significant, you aren't going to get impressions if you have only a couple of dozen downloads.

Reach Your Target Audience

A fully optimized application description will only get you so far. To truly monetize your app, you need installs, and the fastest and most cost-effective way is to buy Android app installs from GetAFollower.

Why Buy Android App Installs from GetAFollower?

At GetAFollower, we've been helping online companies earn more traffic with our marketing tools for years. Our clients keep coming back because we offer the best prices, excellent customer support, and our services use real people, not bots.

Affordable Price

Not only is buying Android apps from GetAFollower significantly more cost-effective than running a traditional app marketing campaign, but we are also the most affordable tool available online.Our services are priced so our clients can keep coming back to us. We want to help developers with sustainable solutions that deliver results fast. All services at GetAFollower are reasonably priced, so our clients can experience success on the most popular platforms online.

Gain Success Significantly

Marketing on the Google and IOS store is highly challenging. Unlike search and social media marketing, there isn't much you can do to generate organic traffic. But by buying Android apps from GetAFollower , you can experience success almost overnight.

Experience with Other Apps

Our team has decades of combined experience helping clients generate traffic and engagement on all the major platforms. GetAFollower has a proven track record of assisting marketers in experiencing success in a fraction of the time it would take working with other agencies.

We guarantee you will see significantly more results over a shorter period of time with our services than other marketing techniques.

App Downloads from Real Users

Finally, the last reason you should use GetAFollower to increase your Android app installs is our process. Other services will flood the app store with bot traffic that looks suspicious and hurts your ranking in the long run. GetAFollower has years of experience delivering high-quality services to countless clients. We've built our reputation because we utilize real users in our process.

Excellent Customer Service

At GetaFollower, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class customer services to all our clients. We are so confident in all our services, we offer all clients a money-back guarantee.If you have any questions or need expert marketing assistance, reach out by email or phone for a free consultation today!

Privacy and Safety

The privacy of our clients is our top priority at GetaFollower. There's no need to share your login credentials and we operate with complete discretion while providing our services.

How to Buy Android Installs from GetAFollower

Purchasing Android installs from GetAFollower is an easy process that takes just a few minutes.

Choose the Type of Installs

We have regular and search keyword android app installs type. Pick the package that works best for your application. If you are unsure how many installs you need to reach your desired search results position, reach out to one of our customer services representatives.We will review your current app metrics and recommend the best plan to accomplish your marketing goals.

Select Target Country

You should choose the target country where your app installs are required.

Select Quantity

You have package details based on the number of app installs. Once you've chosen how many installs you want, enter your app link. We will direct the installs to your project name.

Identify Your Target Keywords

When a Google Play user types in a search query, a list of apps will populate their search results; choosing the correct keyword phrase is extremely important.If you are looking to target more than one keyword phrase, you can purchase multiple orders. We will send installs to your app over time, making the process look as natural as possible.


Once you've filled out all the necessary forms, enter your card details, and you're ready to start generating more organic traffic.

Wait a Couple of Days

Your order will be completed over the next couple of days. If you order a substantial amount of app installs, we will spread the order over time.

How To Buy A Package?

Select a Package

Select a Package

Browse the GetAFollower website to find the social network and service you need

Enter Details

Enter Details

Provide the URL of the content or profile you wish to promote or your social handle.

Check Out

Check Out

Use our secure payment system to complete your order, and we'll start the delivery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you buy Android app installs?

    Yes! Buying Android downloads from GetAFollower is the most beneficial, cost-effective way to market your application and earn organic search traffic. Whether you are launching a new app or looking to generate more installs, our services will produce real results.

  • How much does it cost to buy Android app installs?

    The cost of buying Android app installs depends on how many you would like to purchase. If you buy more downloads, you will save on the amount you pay per install.

  • Do app installs affect my search ranking in Google Play?

    App installs are the number one driving factor affecting your position in the Android app store. Therefore, applications with low install numbers don't have a chance of reaching the top positions in the search.

  • Is it safe to buy Android app installs?

    Yes! Our service is conducted by real users. We don't use bots when you buy Android installs so that the process won't hurt your search rankings. Buying app downloads from GetaFollower is 100% safe and trusted by countless developers.
  • How long will it take to deliver my Android downloads?

    Expect to wait a couple of business days before the installs appear in your app metrics. We spread out installs to make sure the process looks like organic installs and doesn't hurt your long-term search rankings.
  • Does buying Android installs increase my traffic?

    Yes! Purchasing installs from GetAFollower will dramatically increase your search traffic in a short period of time. Related to traditional app marketing strategies, you will experience significant growth overnight.
  • Are app installs from real users?

    Yes! GetAFollower only uses real app users when you buy installs. Our services are from real people with purchasing history and engagement in the Google Play store.
  • Why you should buy app installs from GetAFollower

    GetAFollower is an effective and affordable marketing agency with years of experience and expertise. We've helped countless clients earn valuable search results positions, generate organic traffic, and increase engagement on the most popular platforms.

Review On Your Experience

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can do better. Please use this "Leave a review" section below to share your thoughts on our services.

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  • After purchasing 1000 Android App installs from GetAFollower, my song has received a lot of downloads and gain more visibility than before. I am satisfied with the service. Thank you, GetAFollower
  • When I have many doubts in buying Android App Installs for my app, I found the GetAFollower's customer service was fast and helpful. After I clearing my doubts then I bought Android App Installs from GetAFollower.
  • The Android App Installs I bought for my app received very quickly and gain new installs for my app gradually. Thank you guys for your great service.
  • I recently purchased Android App Installs from GetAFollower and it increase my app ranking. I will definitely purchase more from GetAfollower.
  • The Android App Installs I bought from GetAFollower received within a short time and my installs increased gradually. Thank you for their quality service
  • I am very happy with the Android App Installs that I received from GetAFollower. They were of a high quality from real profiles. I am satisfied with their quality service
  • I purchased 100 Android App Installs from GetAFollower and the retention rate was so high. I am impressed by the quality provided by them. The customer support helped me a lot to complete my purchase.
  • I received Android App Installs and was impressed by their quality. After purchasing app installs, it increase installs for Android apps. Thank you

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