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There may be bigger and better-known streaming services than Datpiff, but most of those come with a questionable reputation, specifically regarding how much money the artist makes compared with how unimaginably rich the CEOs of the platform are. Bigger is not always better. Sometimes it pays to look for longer-established services, ones that have been providing a robust and critically well-received service for years.

Unlike Spotify and those other general mass-market machines, Datpiff is a specialist. If you are a hip-hop artist if you are trying to get known in the urban music scene and specifically if you are a creator of mixtapes. Datpiff is the place that you need to be.

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What is Datpiff?

Mixtapes as a concept may have been around a long time, but it was none other than 50 Cent who gave the concept commercial and popular appeal. After dropping whole albums onto the internet for free in the 2000s, he changed the way the urban music industry worked.

As soon as he showed his fellow rappers this new way of working, they followed his lead, stopped selling CDs by word of mouth, at gigs, and on the streets, and released their own mixtapes via Datpiff.

And if you want to check out a great example of a younger rapper following that lead, just check out how Meek Mill got to the top of his game. Now Datpiff is the only place to release your music and a place where mixtapes produced by big-name artists and newcomers, seasoned professionals, and those new to the game sit side by side.

Getting seen on Datpiff

Of course, the popularity of Datpiff is also what makes it difficult to get noticed if you are an emerging artist trying to get your name around and your music heard. The more popular the site becomes, the wider its audience, but the competition becomes more intense. Hundreds of mixtapes of new music are uploaded to the site every day, such is its popularity.

So how do you make yourself stand out in the face of all of these competitors? How do you get your music heard against such a garage of background noise?

Buying Datpiff views

Once your music is placed on Datpiff, it will organically and naturally attracted listeners. But there is a way to speed things up. That is to actually buy Datpiff views. Datpiff views are the key to getting your music noticed, allowing your music to be heard by thousands more music fans instantly.

The Datpiff algorithm is a fairly simple affair and only judges your music in commercial terms. That is, it doesn't make any critical judgment on the artistic value, style, or how fashionable your music is; all it does is put the most popular higher up the ranking.

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Buying Datpiff followers at

GetAFollower has been helping people improve their online presence on social network sites for over a decade and work across all major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as newer sites such as TikTok and of course, more specialist music sites such as Datpiff. We have a proven track record of offering reliable services that have helped artists and businesses, creators and account holders climb the popular page listings and internet site rankings, which has put us into a great position and spurred them on to do great things.

And unlike many similar services that might offer cheap Datpiff views, purchases from GetAFollower will actually boost your account. Some packages might promise much put only load your page with dead accounts and inactive followers who are going to add nothing to your page and do little for your advancement on the site.

When you buy Datpiff views from GetAFollower, we guarantee real, active, and engaging followers, people interested in rap and hip-hop who will listen to your mixtape, stream and download your tracks, and purchase your songs. And we offer all of this at the lowest price around.


Because GetAFollower offers the full package. When you buy Datpiff plays from us, you get not just real, active followers that will result in plays, streams, and downloads, you get a fully comprehensive range of high-quality services, including great customer support, marketing services, and advice. Everything you need to create, promote and distribute your album, mixtape, or songs.

The process couldn't be easier, payment through Stripe is effortless and instantaneous, and delivery is swift. And that goes for a user anywhere in the world.

What other Datpiff services can be purchased?

Like all social media sites, promoting yourself on Datpiff can be approached from a number of angles, and for the best results, a buyer should cover all of them. As well as buying Datpiff views, for the best results, you should also purchase downloads and comments. This will help you stimulate and grow your site, and the download will mean that your mixtape is in a follower's collection, meaning that they are much more likely to replay it time and time again.

The comments will help stimulate discussion and conversation about your music, something that every musician wants. And buying all three Datpiff services will make your account look balanced and organic, get the balance just right, and your mixtape could be sat next to the likes of Meek Mill and Lil Wayne in no time at all. How cool is that?

Is it safe to buy Datpiff views?

The simple answer is yes! Unlike other websites and businesses offering similar services, GetAFollower guarantees that the Datpiff followers are real, active, and engaging. And because they are real Datpiff accounts, they don't contradict any of the Datpiff terms of service or create any moral difficulty for the buyer.

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Select a Package

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  • I ordered Datpiff plays from GetAFollower, and they delivered them right on time. The plays I purchased were delivered exactly as promised, without anything unexpected. I am really happy with their service, and would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • I've just ordered 1000 Datpiff plays, and I'm excited about the number of plays that I received. My payment was processed smoothly, and I'm already thinking about buying other services for my social media account. Keep it up!
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  • I'm really happy with the 500 Datpiff plays that were delivered to me. I'm so happy with this service! I was able to get plenty of plays for my track on Datpiff. Thank you
  • I was looking for a way to give my music a boost. I searched on Google, and GetAFollower seemed like the best option, so I used them. They delivered on all of their promises. I would highly recommend them to others.

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