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Instagram is one of the world’s top 4 social media networks. It has gained a user base of 1 billion active users since its launch in October 2010. Amazingly, about a quarter of the internet’s users visit Instagram regularly via the website or the app. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion to retain a large part of their own website users who started to shift to Instagram.

An average Instagram user spends around 30 minutes browsing through Instagram media per day. Hundreds of thousands of posts are added to the platform on a daily basis. It can be challenging to get your content noticed in an already overcrowded platform. Your account has to get views in order to stay relevant and reach out to your targeted user population.

buy real instagram views

Buy 100% Real & Affordable Instagram Views

As you buy Instagram views, you can really help your account get the visibility it deserves, and boost its credibility. People promote their brand, business, or themselves (individual) on social media platforms.

As a content creator, you’re already stressed out trying to generate the best quality content. It is frustrating when your original content goes unnoticed.You need the views to get the impact your account deserves.

That is how you build reputation and credibility on Instagram. People will become your followers as they like your content. GetAFollower is your best choice to get more views on Instagram videos. You can buy Instagram views instantly.

As soon as you buy your 100% genuine Instagram views, our intelligent systems start working on building a unique promotion program. It customizes the promotion in a way that is best suited to your content category. Your account's real views are from genuine users who are actively looking for the content that your account serves. Such a process ensures that the views are not one-time views. The users will keep coming back for more content.

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Importance of buying Instagram Views

When you are aiming for the skies, you do not leave any stone unturned. You are already working hard to post the best content on your Instagram videos. You have already done the hard work.The last step before you start to reap the benefits from your account is to get your content the traction it deserves.

As soon as the initial views happen, people like and share their favorite posts to their own timelines. Friends and families are the first reference points. They are also the most trusted referrers, so the other reference chain is poised for further action.

Friends of friends join in giving your account views and likes. The equation to go viral is relatively simple, views ensure more views, and the chain goes on.Instagram is no longer an image-only platform. It is ready to compete with popular video platforms like TikTok and YouTube. We can help you get the maximum views for the IGTV and Reels on your account.

Instagram is now bigger than ever, meaning your account has the chance to rake in the Instagram followers it deserves.We will help you get “instafamous”. Buy Instagram views and get one step closer to becoming a celebrity on the platform. The Reels feature has now increased the time limit from its initial 15 seconds to 60 seconds, giving you more time to influence your viewers.

It is super important to get your brand and business the right Instagram presence.When you struggle to reach a wider audience and get more viewers, you need to buy Instagram video views from GetAFollower. You can also buy Likes, Followers, Views, and so much more from our website. When it comes to Instagram, we offer a bouquet of services including Instagram video views, Instagram Story views, Instagram Live Video Views, Instagram TV views, Instagram Reels Views, Instagram Highlights views.

Instagram Algorithm

Instagram has an intelligent algorithm that works restlessly to give its viewers the best content. The algorithm curates what content goes to the top of the newsfeeds. It also works to figure out the order in which the content is being served to audiences. Instagram has a unique Explore tab that lets viewers explore new topics and new content categories, giving them a fresh perspective. This is where your top posts get the chance to show up and gain fresh likes and followers.

The algorithm also focuses on the order the stories are to be presented. As you may have noticed, the sponsored stories end up showing on the top only for a short period, and then they slip down into the abyss, suggesting that sponsoring posts is often not the best way to stay on Top lists across the Instagram platform. The algorithm also showcases the best video content when it comes to IGTV and Reels.

For content creators, the Instagram algorithm follows a strategy:

  • Are the views genuine users? The more genuine views, the quicker the posts move up in feeds.
  • Are the videos being watched at least for the first 25% of the time? Great! The video deserves to be moved up as it has a higher retention rate.

How to buy Instagram views?

The steps towards buying your Instagram views online are relatively simple. We just made the process more intuitive!

  • 1. Pick the views package as per your preference - packages are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • 2. Enter your Instagram username so that our systems can analyze it.
  • 3. Pick your Instagram posts where you wish to get the views.
  • 4. Checkout through our simple payment process that focuses on easy, fast delivery.
  • 5. We will send you an e-mail confirmation of your purchase.
  • 6. Start noticing an organic growth in your views numbers with our instant delivery!

Affordable prices for high-quality Instagram views

Not only are our Instagram views services affordable, but they also get activated in an instant. Our website lists the best Instagram view deals. All our previous buyers keep revisiting our website to get their best deals for Instagram video views online. We deal in numbers, hence our work is entirely transparent, and the results are fully tangible.

When it comes to our Instagram expertise, we provide a range of country-targeted social media marketing. You can target your audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, India, and more with us.

Discreet, Safe, and Secure Purchases

As we do not ask for your Instagram passwords, your privacy is fully intact. We make a point not to interfere with Instagram’s Terms of Service. Your Instagram videos views purchases on the GetAFollower website helps your account to retain its good standing. Our safe and secure process allows you to avoid the risk of getting deactivated.

Your decision to buy Instagram views remains discreet with us. None of your visitors will know that you purchased high-quality views for your account. Safety is our first priority, be assured that:

  • All your information is entirely safe.
  • Your Instagram account will only get the best quality 100% real views with Impressions.
  • Our payment process takes place on a secure server, and your payment information is not stored on our website.

Catapult your Instagram video views to success

As the visitor base climbs, more and more people will add to your views lists. Your account will become an authority in its category and gain credibility among followers. Visitors will see your increasing view numbers and contribute to them. They will not be able to find out where these high-quality views are coming from.

Our dedicated customer support team is here to answer all your queries. Feel free to reach us with your questions via chat, WhatsApp, or by phone. We are happy to talk to you through our 24/7 customer support service and discuss your unique situation. Get your Instagram views with instant delivery from us.

Make your Instagram account with instant delivery

We are a trusted seller for Instagram views. Not only do we ensure popularity for your account, but we also do it most discretely. We will work behind the scenes to get your posts natural and organic growth with many high-quality views. Such a process ensures that your account stays in good standing and is not banned. Your investment in buying Instagram video views will pay off as you get the high-quality views you deserve.

You can gradually increase the views and become a force to be reckoned with on Instagram videos. Our intelligent systems will recommend the number of views based on your account’s current situation so that you stay in the safe zone. We will help you adjust the speed your posts get the views to remain as natural as possible.

How To Buy A Package?

Select a Package

Select a Package

Browse the GetAFollower website to find the social network and service you need

Enter Details

Enter Details

Provide the URL of the content or profile you wish to promote or your social handle.

Check Out

Check Out

Use our secure payment system to complete your order, and we'll start the delivery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy real Instagram views from GetAFollower?

    GetAFollower is in a very unique situation. We understand how the Instagram algorithm works. Our team has experience handling promotions on Instagram and other social media channels. We offer instant delivery. Not only is your account safe, but it is also poised to grow organically in a short period of time.

    Our work does not interfere with Instagram's Terms of Service policies, and we do not ask for your account password. Our selection of Instagram services includes Instagram video views, Instagram Story views, Instagram Live Video Views, Instagram TV views, Instagram Reels Views, Instagram Highlights views.

    Our affordable yet discreet Instagram services will help you get your posts to new 100% genuine audiences. We also offer country-targeted social media marketing. We can help you reach out to your audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, India, and more.

  • Why should you buy real Instagram views?

    Suppose you are starting your new account for your brand, business, or individual self. In that case, you will find it hard to gain the traction to become popular. As you buy Instagram views, you get a sure-fire way to achieve Instagram success.

    You may be able to get your friends and family to like and share your posts, but your account would still need extensive views to become a mainstream account. Our views will give you the much-needed boost and take your posts to a new, wider audience. We are here to help your posts go viral.

  • Is it safe to buy Instagram views?

    Your safety is our priority. Your Instagram views purchase on our website will be discreet. Your payment information is not stored anywhere on our website. With us, there is no password required. Since we do not know your password, your privacy remains intact.

    Since we follow organic growth methodologies to improve views for your posts, your account does not violate any Terms of Service. Our smart systems make sure that the views are promoted in a paced manner to make them look organic.

  • What payment options are available?

    We have all the major payment options available, credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, and PayPal. As soon as you opt to finalize your purchase, you will be taken to a secure server that complies with the latest PCI DSS standards thus keeping your payment information safe.

  • Is there a chance of my Instagram account getting banned?

    We do not ask you for your account password. We keep the buying process discreet. Moreover, the number of views goes up gradually. There is no chance of your account being banned for buying views. Your account will remain in good standing with Instagram.

  • When will my posts begin to have new views?

    GetAFollower follows a custom plan for each account. Factors that determine the pace of views are the age of the account, frequency of posts, number of views and followers, etc. You will begin to notice an increase in the number of views within minutes of purchase. You may choose the available packages depending on your requirement.

    We offer several options like 1000 views, 5000 views, 10000 views, and even 50000 views. You can even target specific locations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, India, and more.

  • Are the Instagram views that I purchase real?

    Yes, the high-quality views you purchase from us will be 100% genuine. These will be real and active accounts. We do not rely on bots for our work. We plan a custom promotion campaign for your posts and get real people to view your posts.

  • My Instagram account is old, yet it has fewer views. Should I buy views?

    You have been working hard on your Instagram account. You have been posting regularly, yet the number of high-quality views does not seem to go up. We are here to help you!

    Before promoting your posts, the Instagram algorithm takes several factors into consideration. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience that your account needs to get the views it deserves. These views will be from people who have not yet seen your posts. As more and more people view your posts, the algorithm will recognize their influence and power. Your posts will surely rise to the top of their niche in a short period.

  • What are the chances of getting more views for Instagram through buying online?

    New views for your account are guaranteed. Depending on the package you choose, our system will start getting genuine views for your posts. We offer several options like 1000 views, 5000 views, 10000 views, and even 50000 views. Your account will rise to fame in no time. We have a great success rate with our existing customers .

    As they realize the power of higher view numbers per post, they keep coming back to us to buy more views. The views they purchase from us have helped them grow their accounts and reach new audiences worldwide. Target countries include the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and more.

    Your Instagram success is waiting for you. Buy your Instagram views from us and make your account popular in no time. Check out our other Instagram services: Instagram video views, Instagram Story views, Instagram Live Video Views, Instagram TV views, Instagram Reels Views, Instagram Highlights views.

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  • I'm kind of surprised because I could see the results quickly. If you want to grow your Instagram account, I can safely recommend GetAFollower. Their payment method also very safe and easy. Keep it up guys!
  • I can confidently recommend GetAFollower to everyone. The results are remarkable. My Instagram page has grown since I bought video views. Now, I'm thinking about buying followers and comments too.
  • I wasn't expecting much from GetAFollwer and was really surprised by the results. My account grew like never before. With GetAFollwer I finally gained Instagram influencer status that I always wanted.
  • I finally decided to get some views on Instagram to gain attention. It took me a lot of time to find out who would be responsible for it. I found GetAFollower and they managed to fulfill my goals within the established timeframe.
  • I came to this site by recommendation, and I'm really happy with it. When I looked at other websites offering this service, I was that impressed. GetAFollower has the best prices out there and they're really easy to work with.
  • Getafollower is perfect for me. I've always been a photogrpaher ever since I was five years old and even then I got my photo views only around my friends and family. Getafollower lets me break those boundaries and was able to share my photos across the globe. Now I started getting likes from everywhere.
  • Getafollower is definitely a good choice. I am more picture oriented type of social media person. I particularly like these guys since they have wide variety of services with affordable packages. It is worth investing to get views for Instagram.

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