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Did you know that you can now buy VK group members from GetAFollower? Having more VK group members will help boost your or your brand's reputation and credibility. This is the ninth largest social media site globally, with members from all over the world. This social media marketing tool can help you reach a brand new audience and gain exposure to new people and groups.

If you are ready to take the next strategic step with your social media strategy, you need to create a VK group and start finding loyal VK group members.

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What is VK?

VKontakte (referred to as VK for short) is a social media site with over 460 million members worldwide. On VK, like other social media sites, you can post pictures, gain followers, start a group or community, like and follow other brands, find a brand new audience, and more.

One of the best features of VK is the ability for companies to create pages for social media marketing purposes.One of the biggest differences between VK is it is geared towards Eastern European users, with its biggest membership base being Russian users.

In fact, VK is the most popular social media site in Russia by far, with over 70 million active members a day and 3 billion page views. With VK, you'll find familiar features like a Facebook-like feed, a check-in system, and even a file-sharing feature. Essentially VK pulls in the features you love from other social media sites into one popular platform.

Why Should You Care About VK?

VK is an extremely popular website. This website is ranked globally, coming in second place behind Facebook. VK ranks higher than Instagram and even Twitter. Additionally, VK ranks #5 in popularity on the list of all websites. This website has quickly become a social media giant. However, VK has a bigger user base in Eastern Europe and still remains a mystery to North American members.

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What is a VK Group?

VK provides its members with the opportunity to join a group or community. The idea behind these groups or communities is it serves as a virtual gathering place of like-minded members. In these communities, group members can discuss ideas or other topics as it pertains to the group.

These groups are the perfect place to implement your company's social media marketing strategies. Starting a VK group for your business is easy and can potentially help your business skyrocket. Having a VK group with many followers can help reinforce your brand's message and add to your credibility with members.

The number of members in a community can reach well over 10,000 VK group members. The bigger the VK group, the more you will be able to spread your brand's message, services, and offerings.

Buying VK Group Members

The best way to fast-track your group member numbers is to buy VK group members. When you buy VK group members, your company or brand does not have to worry about spending months, even years, growing your group.

Gain Trust, Quicker with VK Group Members

When you are up against the competition to get your company and brand out there, your audience will weigh their decision on how many group members you have. The more VK group members, the more likely it is that you will gain trust and grow your credibility with your target audience.

With more VK group members, you will appear more popular and credible, allowing you to get your message out to the right members. When you purchase VK group members, you are immediately enhancing your appeal and popularity. This will work in your favor because you'll notice that along with your increase in group members, you'll also start attracting more group members organically.

How to Start a VK Group?

Starting a VK group is easy. The first thing you need is an account or page on the site. Ensure that your account is fully set up and includes information about you or your company. VK allows you to disclose information such as your name, age, gender, likes/dislikes, personal preferences, and more.

There are a few key things that you will want to include when creating a VK group:

  • 1. Company logo
  • 2. Cover image
  • 3. Details about the group and your company

You are also able to include restrictions limiting which group members are allowed on our company group page. Those restrictions include things like age, subject, URL, and more.

Finally, you will want to spend some time setting up the sections of your VK group. Those important sections include:

  • Your Wall
  • Links back to your company page or website
  • Relevant photos of your company, product, or service
  • Any product or service videos or relevant audio files
  • Documents--which can include data sheets, product information, relevant flyers, and more
  • Discussion boards
  • Events
  • Places (for example, relevant locations of your store or headquarters)
  • Products
  • Relevant contacts (these can include email aliases for your product or sales teams, customer support, and more).

Lastly, before launching your new VK group, you will want to ensure that you have comments enabled to allow for discussion, conversation, and questions to happen with group members. Another great feature is the option to allow for private messages from VK group members. Dedicating time to set up your VK group will add to your credibility.

This will also help you when you purchase VK group members because your account will look authentic and start to gain popularity with organic members as well. It's also important to note that you can include all of the sections mentioned above or choose between which sections fit best with your goals and your company's brand. This extra customization results in a better experience for VK group members.

How To Buy A Package?

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Select a Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I be on VK?

    Yes! Your business should consider building a presence on VK. As mentioned above, VK is a highly popular social media site that will open your brand up to a new target audience. Not only will you be able to reach this audience and build a loyal and quality following, but you will also notice an increase in your website traffic, sales, and customer loyalty.

  • Will a VK group help my brand?

    A VK group will definitely help your brand. Having a community and group will allow your company and brand to increase in popularity and reach a new target audience. Additionally, the more VK group followers you have, the more credible your company or brand will appear.

    If you are already invested in social media strategies for other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more, you should be adding VK to the list.

  • Is it safe to buy VK group members?

    Yes! When you buy VK group members from GetAFollower, it is safe. We guarantee that the group members are real people. Additionally, once payment is received, you will notice a fast delivery.

    However, your account might be at risk if you purchase followers and group members from services that offer bots as members instead of real people. With real VK group members, your account will be safe and secured, allowing you to focus on building your brand.

  • When I buy VK group members, are they real or fake people?

    When you purchase VK group members from us, our services include real VK group members. These accounts are from real, verified people, guaranteed.

  • Do I need a lot of VK group members to get discovered?

    Depending on your goals, it's best to work towards building a robust number of group members. Our packages can start at 100 VK group members and climb to above 500 VK group members. Essentially, the more members you have, the more likely it is that your brand will be recommended to other accounts. Depending on your needs, our customer support team is able to perform great, quality service that meets your business goals.

  • Will VK know that I bought group members?

    No, VK will not know that you bought group members. When you buy VK group members with us, they are completely indistinguishable from real members. They are identical to organic VK group members, leaving your account safe from detection.

  • Why should you choose GetAFollower?

    Increasing your VK group members is easy when you work with GetAFollower. Plus, real, verified accounts will become real, genuine members when you buy our service. Since going into business, has provided customers with unique marketing services and has helped thousands of social media users worldwide climb the ranks and to achieve incredible things. Unlike some, we prioritize genuine service, quality and refuse to cut corners to get the job done.

    Our innovative marketing services are engineered to abide by the terms and conditions set out by the world’s biggest social networks and review sites, including VK. Undetectable from the real thing, your VK group and company could be taken to the next level in no time at all! Reach a brand new customer base and appear higher up on the site when you buy VK group members.

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  • I’ve been using GetAFollower to promote my VK account for a few months. I’m very satisfied with the results, and I recommend this service to everyone!
  • You guys did a great job. I was very impressed with your VK group members, and we'll definitely be back for future VK requirements.
  • I was really surprised by how you delivered group members fast, and it actually looked like real people. Buying VK members allowed me to get more engagement on my VK profile. Keep it up!
  • I bought some VK group members for my channel. You guys are awesome! The members are real and genuine. Thank you!
  • I'm very impressed with GetAFollower's efficiency and professionalism because they delivered my group members very quickly. And their customer support was very responsive and answered all my questions.
  • I am very happy with the group members that GetAFollower delivered for me. Their customer service is always available to answer all of my questions and understands my needs.

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