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Why is YouTube Important?

In its early days, YouTube may well have been just another social media distraction. A bit of fun where you could watch and share videos over everything from your favorite underground music videos to cats doing funny things to documentaries and information broadcasts.

And, even though that was a great start, YouTube has come a long way since then, not just in terms of the scope and breadth of the material that is found on the site, but in the way that it has integrated social media and business aspects. Today, YouTube is not just a fun and useful tool, YouTube services have become an essential addition to any business with an online presence.

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Why Building an Audience on YouTube is Essential?

It doesn't matter what the content of your video might be on YouTube, there is an army of viewers and potential subscribers just waiting to check out the content you create.

There are as many people as there are topics of interest, from music fans looking to be first to the next breaking band to those who wish to pick up some useful tips as a budding photographer to those looking to learn more about the complex world of global politics, and everything in between.

It doesn't really matter what subject you are building content for and what business or brand you are pushing, the difference between success and failure, between being at the top of any search results or hidden away in the backwaters of the internet, it all comes down to one thing. Building an audience and keeping them with you evolve and progress as a business.

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How to Build an Audience on YouTube?


Creating the highest quality content is the key to any successful YouTube channel. Great content means that you will gain more viewers which leads to more likes, more shares, more subscribers and, hopefully, some of this will equate to more real-world business for your company.


If boosting subscribers is your goal, and it should be, then creating great content, that is professional, interesting, entertaining and engaging, will do most of the work for you. Engagement is the name of the game.

People talk about YouTube videos going viral, but a viral video is like a band being a one-hit-wonder. Better to produce a constant stream of great work and build your audience slowly but surely through consistency and engagement rather than flash-in-the-pan, one-off phenomena.


Presence is that general awareness that your company exists. This partly comes through great content but also through the use of logos and identifiable fonts, trademark colors and other settings. The way you do things, the look of your content and everything around it should be unique to you and your brand.


Rather than just put out YouTube content whenever you feel like it, aim to have a plan, a posting schedule, no matter how often it is. Consistency means that your viewers and subscribers will get used to the times that you post new work and eventually build a window into their daily diary, making time for your latest content. One YouTube video a week seems like a good target to aim for.


Don’t be afraid to promote your videos. Post them on social media multiple times and there is nothing wrong with asking people to go and watch them. Anything that gives you the edge over the competition is worth doing. Ask them to share the video and ask their friends to follow it. And promote this content to other social media groups by linking your YouTube channel to your other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and anything else that you use to promote your business.

Don't Be Pushy

Add any promotion to the end of the video. If you front-load the video with a hard sell, potential customers will click away quickly. It is best to engage them with great content before encouraging them to follow you for more of the same.

Be Social

YouTube has a fantastic integrated social media platform, allowing people to share your videos with their friends quickly and easily which is another great way to expand your fanbase. It is a social/watching/listening experience, which allows comments, video likes, interaction and easy access to social media pages.

As a content producer, you need to encourage people to quickly share your creations with their friends and expand your fanbase. Never underappreciated the power of simply asking your friends, fans and followers to do something.

Making Money From YouTube Content

As well as gaining new followers and fans, YouTube can be a great source of revenue for everyone, be they content creators, businesses, musicians or artists. Just take a look at the money made by famous YouTube influencers. Many of them are making a good living through YouTube content creation, creators of the highest quality and most popular content are now earning millions this way.

It’s all about gaining traffic, keeping viewers engaged and turning these viewers into dedicated followers who subscribe to your channel. Once you have built a strong following, it can lead to sources of income for you.

Income Streams

A popular YouTube channel can earn money through the use of sponsored advertising, the promoting and sale of associated merchandise, product placement and there is even a "tip jar" feature allowing subscribers and fans to reward the channels that they like and support them without having to make a full purchase.

Why Buy YouTube Likes?

Everybody likes a winner, everyone wants to be part of a winning team. And the same is true with your YouTube channel. The best advertisement for your YouTube channel is the fact that it is already popular. The more people who like and follow it, the more people want to join in. It is a sort of chicken and egg conundrum.

So how do you get started? Well, obviously great content will attract viewers and if you do this consistently then those numbers will grow organically. But you can speed up the process by buying YouTube likes. Do this and it will help move your content and therefore your channel up through the rankings. And, as we all know, the more popular a channel is perceived to be, the more popular it becomes.

The Dangers of Buying YouTube Likes from the Wrong Vendors

One of the big dangers of buying likes, particularly for YouTube, is buying the wrong sort. YouTube, more than any other platform, has built-in algorithms for detecting the use of "bots." That is, auto-generated, fake accounts, those which don't have real YouTube account holders behind them. Not only do they not allow the purchase of bot-generated likes, views and subscribers, if detected you could find yourself banned from the site altogether.

How Do You Know Which Sites To Buy From?

If bot-generated YouTube likes can get you into trouble, how do you know which sites to buy your likes from? To be suitable for the site, the YouTube likes that you purchase must be 100% verified, authentic and high-quality YouTube likes from active accounts. Many companies offer fake and false YouTube accounts but YouTube will spot these easily and you will quickly find yourself penalized.

So make sure that you only buy real, honest and organic likes as not only will they not break any of YouTube’s strict codes of practice but the people behind them will engage with your content driving even more likes, turning fans into followers, and then into friends and hopefully customers.

Why Choose

At we guarantee that the likes you buy for your YouTube channel are only from active accounts and will not break any of the rules set down by YouTube and your account will remain 100% safe. Furthermore, at GetAFollower we have years of experience delivering the highest quality services and social media packages to help customers get the edge over the competition and increase their placement in page rankings and search results.

Other Services

We don’t just do quality YouTube likes but you can also buy YouTube views, YouTube subscribers and any number of growth-stimulating packages. We offer fast delivery, unparalleled customer support and a wide range of services. You will start seeing growth within hours. You will see real growth that is driven by real people. GetAFollower really is the site to buy from.

How To Buy A Package?

Select a Package

Select a Package

Browse the GetAFollower website to find the social network and service you need

Enter Details

Enter Details

Provide the URL of the content or profile you wish to promote or your social handle.

Check Out

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Use our secure payment system to complete your order, and we'll start the delivery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I Buy Likes, Do They Stay on My Account?

    When you buy YouTube likes, if they are not real or high-quality video likes, they are likely to be removed by YouTube, leaving you with what is essentially a wasted investment. At GetAFollower we can guarantee that all the likes that you buy conform to YouTube's rules and practices, they are active accounts delivering real engagement.

    Real YouTube Likes

    Being real, top-quality likes means that not only will they remain on your account but the people behind them will also continue to check out future content, like, follow and subscribe and hopefully become customers in the real world too.

  • Will I Get Good Customer Support?

    Yes, you will. At GetAFollower we understand that you might not all be up with the latest social media promotion techniques. Thankfully, we are. Not only that, we take real pride in building strong and meaningful connections with our clients and their businesses, just check out the number of happy customers and successful sales we already have behind us. And if you are not satisfied with the service that we provide or the package that we offer, our support team will happily give your money back.

  • Why Go Anywhere Else?

    Why Indeed? With speedy and reliable services, 24/7 customer support, including a live chat function, a fast delivery time and satisfaction guaranteed you will find your YouTube channel increasing its number of likes immediately and an additional 100 likes straight away and then 1000 likes, 5000 likes... who knows, within days.

    And it is all completely safe. As soon as you make the payment, you will see the results within 24 hours or less. Our packages not only allow you to get more likes in an instant but they are real likes, top quality likes, backed up by real people.

    Buy Now

    GetAFollower offers the chance to get that competitive edge over your rivals, raise your online profile and presence and move your business or brand into the big leagues. Why would you want to buy from anyone else? Get in touch today.

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  • I was pretty skeptical at first, but I gave it a shot and ordered a 1000 likes. I was really surprised how fast they arrived and I immediately jumped back on to buy more.
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  • In the past, every time I posted a video on Youtube, I had to convince my friends and family to like it. But after I bought likes from you guys, it was like my friends' organic likes started going up.
  • There are a lot of people who can't believe that there's someone who can deliver YouTube likes with such speed and authenticity. WOW! I've ordered from this site for the first time and I'm amazed at how quickly and efficiently the YouTube likes
  • I must admit, I was doubtful about buying YouTube likes. But the service convinced me to give it a try and now I see I was wrong, this is one of the best ways to get noticed on Youtube.
  • I'm a musician, so I've been searching for a website that can deliver me youtube likes. Then I've bought likes from GetAFollower and I received them very quickly. My video now has thousands of likes and they all were genuine.
  • Getafollower is perfect site to rely on to boost up the Youtube likes. As a marketing professional I recommend this to everyone.

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