How To Promote Your Blog Using Facebook?

Promote Your Blog Using Facebook

The World Welcomes You: About 500 million active members throughout the world, lot of applications related to blogging, link with other social media and micro blogging sites.sounds like the world welcoming you? You heard it right. The world of Facebook welcomes every eligible blogger to fame and … [Read more...]

How Instagram Help Businesses To Increase Brand Exposure


Most of the business fall somewhere in social media. It is an effective way of marketing. Exposure of their products and services has always been the first source of sales for businesses who offer something good. Since more and more businesses are become social on these days, only the businesses … [Read more...]

Instagram Video Vs Vine : What’s The Difference?


Instagram is a great photo app for Tablet and Smartphone devices which allows the people to take photos and share them on their social networks. A few months ago, it recently added the video function in its app. Like images, you can now share your videos on the 6 social networks. This feature is … [Read more...]

How To Make Money On Instagram


We all know Instagram is a popular social network next to Facebook and Twitter. Now, it is possible to earn money on Instagram. Yes, Instagram is planning to include the advertisements in your photo stream in the next few months. The company said that; it will start by focus on delivering the small … [Read more...]